Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dogs and Writing

So, the other morning I went into the bathroom and it looked like a roll of toilet paper had exploded on the bathmat. This was not a little tissue pulled out of the trashcan, this was a full, brand-new roll of paper that had been decimated and left for me to find. My chi-wiener (half chihuahua, half dachshund) strolled through the door behind me, wagging his tail, clearly proud of himself. This is life with dogs. If you have even one, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Except that I don't have just one. I have seven. At least only one of them is into toilet paper art.

Dog owners themselves are a special breed altogether, but a dog owner and a writer combined? Times seven? Yeah, there's a reason people don't come over too often.... But this incident (or really, it was the incident of the night before- finding my jack russell terrier up on the table with her face in a full container of sour cream) that got me thinking about the writing life with dogs. Because they really do add a special dynamic to the writing process. Of course, there are the annoying times when I'm in the middle of writing the greatest scene EVER and all seven dogs decide they need to alert the entire universe to the fact that, yes, a mailman has dared to approach our house. Or when I'm at the tail end of editing a draft for the thousandth time and already at my wits end and they decide to gang up on me to sit and stare until I finally give up and feed them. But really, dogs are an incredible asset to the writer. Because:

1) They can provide you with endless distractions to help you avoid writing when you know you should, but really aren't in the mood. "Hey, I can't write because I have to walk/bathe/feed/poke with a stick/ the dog!"
2) They provide hilarious breaks from the monotony of writing. "Look at the two dogs stuck in the dog door going opposite ways...."
3) They sit by your feet and give you silent encouragement for every single word that you write. What more could you really ask for?

In the end, dogs + writing = total neurosis and happiness. Your thoughts?

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  1. 7?! That's amazing. I have one enormous puppy (English Mastiff) and he is distraction city around here :)
    I do think it is nice to have living beings with us to keep our hearts pumping and brains ticking. And, sometimes, the distraction leads to creativity, which is always a great thing!


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