Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trying Not To Be A Writer For One Night and Writing

This is why writers are an entirely different breed of people:

The other night my husband and went out to dinner (sounds normal, right? keep reading...) and later decided to go one of our favorite bars in downtown St. Pete to hear a blues band playing. We're sitting outside, the place is packed, it's a freezing cold, but beautiful night and the band is great. I go to the bathroom and as I'm washing my hands, minding my own business, acting like a normal person: bam! I suddenly see this killer scene in my head for my next book. I try and act all cool, thinking, "awesome, I'll have to write this down when I get home later," but as I'm walking back down the stairs to our table, the scene gets bigger and bigger and by the time I actually get back to where Ryan is sitting, enjoying the music, I've got a full-fledged plot element going on.

But instead of sticking with my original plan (be cool, write it down later, etc.), I am suddenly yelling at my husband "oh my god, I need paper, find me some paper!" Fortunately, he's dealt with this sort of thing before and calmly gets up to find me some. Remember, though, we're at a bar.... I'm sitting at the table, pretty much hyperventilating because I HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN NOW, and here comes my husband with a length of receipt paper. I'm saved! I start writing at break-neck speed. Ryan goes back to watching the band. Yet, soon I am out of paper, on both sides, and I'm still not finished. Ryan gets up again, fights his way through the crowd, can't get the bartender's attention (he's a little busy pouring beers, not providing psycho-writers with paper), grabs a handful of pink Renaissance Fair fliers and comes back. Write, write, write..... And I still need more paper. The band has already taken a break and started playing their second set, but I can't stop. Round three. Ryan goes back to the bar, comes back with more receipt paper and is probably questioning the sanity of his marriage vows by now. I write some more and finally, finally... I'm done. I can go back to trying to have a normal night out, except that the night is almost over.

So beware: if you're thinking about falling in love with a writer, this is what you're in for. If you are a writer, well then, you know..... the ideas never cease, the character voices never shut up, the scenes never really disappear. It never ends....


  1. LOL. I have boxes full of ideas written on placemats, napkins, receipts. I can totally relate!

  2. Absolutely perfect :) And, your man gets it - also perfect!


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