Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bodies in Motion and Writing

I like to move when I think.

When I was a kid, living out in the middle of nowhere, I would ride my rust-chewed bike in an endless loop around the wild edge of our property, pedaling furiously to the sound of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" blaring from my foam-padded headphones. I would clip my black Sony Walkman onto my jeans (yep, I was that cool....) and disappear inside my head. I would create stories: detailed soap-opera dramas populated with characters as real to me as my family and friends and live in their world while the ground rushed beneath me. The movement helped me to dream.

Since then, I have always done my best creative thinking while in motion. On swings, boats, roller coasters, airplanes, trains, escalators, elevators, even just taking the dogs for a walk- the best ideas come to me not while I am sitting in tranquil repose, but rather when the energy sparking in my mind is shared by the energy radiating from my body. And don't forget about driving. The plot for The Hunter, the Hunted and the Thief developed fully on a desolate stretch of coastal highway between Wilmington and Hilton Head Island, and without the many back road road trips down 301 between Jacksonville and St. Pete my second book would not even exist.

There probably is some scientific, mathematical formula for the relationship between movement and creativity, but all I know is that it works. How about it, fellow writers? Any thoughts on the subject? I'd love to hear....

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  1. When I drive, it is my opportunity to daydream. Sounds dangerous I know, but as a child my family drove cross-country several times and my imagination went crazy. To this day I still daydream whenever I drive down a backroad, or through some town I've never been to.


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