Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Breaking Bones and Writing

Yes, I know there are worse things in the world than fracturing your elbow (which I managed to do last Sunday night). But let me tell you, it's still no fun. The pain is not exactly a party, but the level of frustration is beyond belief. I'm right handed, and it's my right hand/arm that's been out of commission for a week. Here are just a few of the things that we take for granted every day, but have had me howling/cursing/throwing things:

1) Brushing my teeth. Oh, you think that's funny? Try brushing your teeth tonight with the other hand tonight and you'll see...
2) Using a fork.
3) Zippers. Oh my God, zippers.
4) Putting my hair in a ponytail.
5) Opening Tupperware.
6) Putting an insane Jack Russell Terrier on a leash.

You get the idea.... but the number one most ridiculously frustrating thing of all about not being able to use my right hand? NOT BEING ABLE TO WRITE! Never mind that I could barely scratch out my initials on some student's field trip form or library pass- I couldn't write down an idea when I had one and was about to burst. I do all my novel pre-writing by hand and the first time I picked up a pen and couldn't even write the word "the" I almost cried. Seriously. Then I'm pretty sure I threw the pen across the room. And then cried some more because that hurt like crazy.

My point is- sometimes we just take things for granted. Like writing down a word. And then when you can't do that- you realize just how much you appreciate the smooth glide of ink on paper and the satisfying release of knowing that your idea is safe and you can forget about it now and come back to it later and go on with your life. It really puts it all in perspective....

(ps- the pain has diminished to the point where I can now type with two hands and slowly, gently, pick up a pen and get those ideas down. ahhhh.....)


  1. Sorry to hear about your elbow Steph. I can imagine it's frustrating. Hope you get better soon.


  2. Yikes, feel better!

    Not being able to do something I love is one of the frustrating things on Earth. I wish you a speedy recovery!


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