Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book Review: "The Children's Blizzard" by David Laskin

This is the type of book that makes you stop, look around, and appreciate every single modern convenience surrounding you. Especially conveniences like electricity, school buses and the Weather Channel. The Children's Blizzard is the true story of an 1888 blizzard in the northern Midwest. It was a perfect storm of  bad timing, miscommunication, and hard luck.

David Laskin has a perfect voice for non-fiction. He gets the facts straight and his research skills are impeccable, but the real key to the book is Laskin's ability to hook the reader with harrowing and heartbreaking stories. The Children's Blizzard is terrifying, gripping and awe-inspiring. It is also eye-opening. If these pioneers of America could suffer unimaginable daily hardships and brutal climate catastrophes, and still endure and still hold on to the spirit of adventure and cling desperately to the beauty of life... well, then- I think it certainly puts things like traffic lights and commercial breaks and running out of Nutella into perspective.


  1. But seriously, running out of Nutella though can be pretty traumatic. Although, not nearly as running out of peanut butter. That nanosecond where you poke your finger in the jar, only to feel the hollow emptiness! Shattered dreams. Now what was that blizzard thingy? :)

    1. "The Hollow Emptiness of Peanut Butter"- there's got to be a poem or story in there somewhere!


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