Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mornings and Writing

My favorite time of day to write is the morning. I would have never said that before becoming a teacher. When I was a waitress, a bartender, and a student, mornings were not my time. When I was wiping down barstools at 3 am or staying up all night finishing graduate projects, the sunrise meant only one thing to me: that I should be sleeping. And then I became a high school teacher which (in so many other ways as well) was akin to falling down the rabbit hole. Managers became administrators, drunk patrons became whining teenagers and day became, well, day. After being on this new schedule for a few years it seems perfectly natural to wake up at 5:30 and be half-way through the day by 10 am. When the weekend (or summer- yes, almost here!) rolls around, I can't seem to relax my internal clock and so I've become a morning writer. Something I never in a million years thought I would become, but which now makes so much sense to me.

So aside from the obvious schedule correlations, here are some other reasons for writing in the morning:

1) Coffee. Now, I can drink coffee any time during the day, but I can drink three cups of coffee in a row in the morning, and we all know that too much coffee and writing go hand in hand.....
2) It's quiet. The dogs are still asleep. Enough said.
3) Because most everyone else is asleep or just starting the day I'm not as tempted to procrastinate by checking my email/twitter/facebook.
4) If I can get the writing out of the way early, I can spend the rest of the day not feeling so guilty for not writing.
5) It's easier to write, and not think and obsess about writing and not writing and not writing enough and not writing well enough, etc., when I'm not quite awake yet.

Oh, and breakfast is awesome. And writing is awesome. So it all makes sense somewhere in my head.....

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