Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Starting a New Novel and Writing

After months of thinking, planning and obsessing, I began writing my third novel this past weekend. I hope to be done with the initial draft by August. So, in the spirit of starting this new book, here's to....

-The anxiety of influence
-Sleepless nights
-Euphoric plot breakthroughs
-Characters and story directions so real I can taste them
-Mental breakdowns when I can't see what happens next
-Mental breakdowns when I can't find the right adjective
-Endless cups of coffee
-Unwashed dishes
-Student papers not being graded on time
-Multiple dog walks to think through the timeline

And oh yeah, reminding myself every day that I'm not a writer because it's fun, I'm a writer because it's what I do. It's in my blood. It's as natural as breathing, dreaming, wishing on a star.

Here we go, kiddos....


  1. Gosh, I'm glad I'm not the only one facing these nightmarish dilemmas. Steph, keep your wit and head above the sea of choppy waters- you've got the stuff it takes to be a great writer. Great post.


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