Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Laundry and Writing

I love doing laundry. Not because I'm a clean freak (I'm not- come on, I live in the same house as a Pack of dogs) or because I'm into fashion or have some weird, obsessive issues with folding clothes a certain way (I have obsessive issues with other things..... :), but because doing laundry is one of the best breaks from writing. Whenever I'm stuck, or overwhelmed or just can't sit at the computer any longer, I can walk out to the garage, switch a load of towels from the washer to the dryer and feel like I'm accomplishing something. Maybe it's really just procrastination or maybe it's self-defeating in some way, but it makes it so I can take a deep breath and go back to the words without wanting to scream that I can't take it anymore. I've said before that writing is an absolute love/hate battle with me. But a writer has to write in the same way that a runner has to run or a painter has to paint: it's a driving force that can't be escaped, even when it hurts or creates frustration or seems to take over the rest of your life.....

And the upside: at least I always have clean clothes!

Anyone else have any small, strange ways to cope with the writing process? Feel free to comment and share!


  1. I clean obsessively with loud music playing throughout my house. Or I just read something in my TBR pile. My biggest thing is I try to get lost in something that isn't my own (The mess in my house solely belong to my husband, I promise). If I'm lost in someone else's work I don't have to focus on word count or if I have too many commas in my WIP.

  2. Hmmm want to come clean my I hate cleaning, but I think it has more to do with my piggie 12 year old who messes it up faster than I can clean it....I get tired of constantly cleaning and no one helping....Okay small rant, life of a single parent :)

    *Waves at Steph :)

  3. I write outside! That way when I space out I end up staring at clouds instead of the wall. :D At least you have productive procrastination!

  4. I do a lot of planning/outlining/daydreaming ideas sitting out in the backyard. My husband always knows I'm "working" when I'm staring up at the sky, looking like a total space cadet. :)

  5. I'm the absolute worse. I get on Google+ to see what everyone is doing. (sigh)


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