Thursday, November 7, 2013

Zombies and Writing

I resisted at first. The Walking Dead. It just didn't seem like the show for me. For one, I don't like zombies. Not zombie movies, not zombie graphic novels, not zombie Halloween costumes. And two, I'd heard the writing for the show wasn't very good. I'm the kind of television viewer who gets into a show and then analyzes it to death. I'm so obsessed with the incredible writing of my favorite show, Justified, that I am sure there are episodes I've seen over fifty times (and this is probably a low guess). I like to watch shows, and then re-watch them, and then re-watch certain scenes, all with an eye for breaking down and understand what's going on with the writing. So while everyone else was talking about The Walking Dead at work, I just believed it wasn't my cup of tea.

Well, I still don't like zombies and I still think that the writing in The Walking Dead is nothing to right home about. And I'm crazy about it.

I love The Walking Dead BECAUSE it's not about the writing. It's a show about people killing zombies. Yes, there are some interesting archetypes and yes, it can be viewed as commentary on human nature, but really, it's just awesome entertainment. It's a show that I don't have to think about- I can just enjoy it. The characters run around with guns and shoot (or stab, or decapitate...) about a hundred zombies an episode. And I don't have to think to myself, "hmm... now I wonder why she killed that zombie?" because it's a zombie after all. The zombies want to eat people and the people want to survive. It's as simple as that. The show is dramatic and straightforward and bad ass. Period.

It's not about the writing. And that's why I love it.

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