Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting to Know... Michelle Bellon

I was recently fortunate enough to catch up with Pandamoon Publishing author Michelle Bellon, whose thriller Rogue Alliance debuted to rave reviews last week. (for more information on Michelle and where to check out her books, see below!) Here's how it looked.....

SP:  If you had the opportunity to meet a famous author (dead or alive), who would it be? What would you want to talk to them about?
MB:  Oh, lord, this question. It’s such a tough one for me. I guess I’d like meet Steinbeck the most. I loved East of Eden and would like to ask him how he came up with the story and characters. Also, I recently heard a radio program where they were discussing a bit of evidence with his son that he was actually involved with the CIA, so I’d like to dig into the truth of that, as well.

SP:  Is there a book you’ve read that you feel has influenced your writing style?
MB:  I have an odd answer to this question, but first let me say that it is quite common for me to learn something by first learning it the wrong way. I learn how I don’t want to do a task before I grasp how I prefer to do it.
When I first started writing I had just passed through a stage of reading a lot of Nora Robert’s books. Her voice and style were strong in my head as I began my first story. It took me over a year before I realized I could not create the stories within my head, the characters that were itching to come out, while in this mindset. I had to find my own style and voice. That was when I really became a writer.

SP:  If you weren’t a writer, what would you do with your free time?
MB:I can’t really imagine not writing. However, I am also a registered nurse and gain a lot of satisfaction from working in the medical field so I guess that’s what I would be doing.
In an altered reality, I’d love to travel all the time!

SP: Do any of your characters resemble you or have traits that you’ve drawn from your own personality?
MB: There are quite a few characters that I put bits of pieces of myself into, as most writers do. The most resemblance I have to a character though, is Roshell in Embracing You, Embracing Me, my YA. A majority of that story and its characters are based on my real life experiences.
SP:  Who has most supported you in your journey towards becoming a writer?
MB:  My husband. His stoic support has given me enough confidence to pursue such a scary and vulnerable career. I’m beyond grateful for that.


Interested in Rouge Alliance? Here's a little teaser for you....

"Trying to escape a horrific past, Shyla has immersed herself in life as a tough cop in the bustle of LA. When the case of a lifetime takes her back to her hometown of Redding, she is thrown into a world of organized crime, deceit, and bitter reminders of her childhood.
As Shyla’s path crosses that of Brennan, a troubled sidekick to the ringleader she’s intent on taking down, she discovers he has a past even darker than hers and she is forced to re-evaluate everything she believes about herself, her job, and what she knows about right and wrong.
Can she face the demons of her upbringing and learn to trust again? Her life will depend on it."

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