Friday, February 28, 2014

Two Awesome Interviews from Two Awesome Authors

I've had the very good fortune to have two interviews this week. The first with the always entertaining Elgon Williams and the second with the enigmatic Jeffery Skinner. Please check out their websites; aside from reading killer interviews with me, you'll learn more about them, their writing and how you can support them as authors.

Jeffery Skinner's Bionnavate

Elgon William's The Wildcat Chronicles

For a sneak peek at the interviews, check out these excerpts below....

Q: Imagine for a moment that you’re a famous, bestselling author. They’re making a movie out of your last book. What do you do next to top that you’re already achieved?
A: I would LOVE to have a television show made out of a novel of mine. I write cinematically already, so I don’t think this would be too far-fetched one day. But I think that television dramas are the new movies. The writing on shows such as Justified, Sherlock and True Detective is amazing! I think that this would be even more exciting than a film.
Q: Creativity comes in many ways – for example, painting, photography, sculpture, music and theater. What other things do you do or have you done that are examples of using your imagination or other artistic talents?
A: Before writing took up all of my time I used to paint. I loved painting because there was no pressure- it was just fun; I never had any ambitions about becoming a professional visual artist. I still miss it and hope that at some point I will have enough free time to get back to it.
A Tree Born Crooked is set to be released by Pandamoon. Tell me about your book? This is the obvious question to get things moving.
It’s the story of a man coming back home to the place he’s been running from all is his life. It’s very Southern, literary, but with a raw twist and a thrilling plotline. I’m crossing a lot of genre boundaries with this one, but at the end of the day, it’s a story about family, about identity, isolation and anger.
When you’re not writing, how do you fill a typical day?
I only write on weekends, so my typical weekday is focused on my ‘day job.’ I teach writing at a performing arts high school. When I’m not teaching, I’m usually hanging out with awesome husband and messing around with the dogs.
Any more books coming? This is the opportunity to plug it.

I’m currently on the second draft of my third novel, but I never talk about works in progress until they’re completely finished. Let’s just say that it’s in the same genre as A Tree Born Crooked, but with the dial turned all the way up. I really pushed the limits with this new novel and I hope that readers love it as much as I do.


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