Thursday, March 20, 2014

Obsession and Writing and Cheese Fries

Yes, cheese fries. Because when you're a gluten-free vegetarian there's not a lot to binge on when you've just spent 12 hours editing, forgetting to eat, forgetting to drink anything other than coffee (lots of coffee...) and just barely remembering to do the essential things such as breathing and feeding the dogs.

And, oh yeah, they're tasty....


  1. When I read this I chuckled. Now I understand the scene in your book with Rabbit hassling the waitress for chili cheese fries. Hmmm Have you ever done that?

  2. Whoa... I never really thought about the cheese fry connection in my book.... But no, I've never been as rude as Rabbit. I Have, however, been the waitress that had to deal with the idiot ordering the cheese fries..... :)

  3. Dudette, those fries look amazing. Yes, I'd chow down like monkey town if someone slid theme onto my dinner plate. And, yes, they'd be completely essential while doing 12 hours of edits.


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