Monday, May 5, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday!

I love flash fiction! I love the punch, the bite, the zing, the zip. I love it because it's an exacting narrative and it forces the writer to make every word count. And flash fiction usually has teeth; it doesn't hold back. It dives right in doesn't consider if the reader is ready or not. Here it comes.

Anyway, if you love flash fiction as much as I do (or even half as much), check out Flash Friday!- a killer site with a weekly flash fiction contest. And when I say flash, I mean like in the blink of an eye. Stories must be 150 words.....

I won a special mention in this week's contest, and I'd love to share my story with you as well as encourage you to read the many others submitted (they are open to readers). So if you have a minute, thirty seconds, hell, even ten, check out the site and read a little flash.....

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