Friday, June 27, 2014

Got 6 Seconds? Read 6-Word Stories!

I love flash fiction and 6-word stories take the idea of flash to the absolute limit. Even if it's only 6 words, a story still has to be told, some sort of narrative still must emerge and the stories collected and showcased on Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog this week really take the cake.

I have three 6-word stories featured in the collection and would love for you to check them out, then stick around and read some of the other fantastic flash fiction, book reviews, author interviews and more than Morgen Bailey offers up on her all encompassing website.

Come on, I know you've got at least 6 seconds lying around somewhere. Read a story!

Vegas recommends that you read these stories now... They are short, like his attention span.....

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  1. Kind of like poetry in a prose format, a story told with an economy of words.


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