Friday, March 18, 2016

March Book Bites! (Tasty Reviews for Your Reading Pleasure)

This was a pretty eclectic reading month for me, but here are my four top book recommendations. Enjoy!

Ways to Disappear
A quirky, fast-paced and engaging read. Against the lush backdrop of Brazil and the world of authors, editors and translators, Ways to Disappear explores the different ways to look at art and perspective (and does so with a noir storyline to make it even crazier...). Available now.

All the Light We Cannot See
An all encompassing, absorbing tale that telescopes back and forth through time and across spaces both great and small. Its story is powerful and quietly commanding. I can't believe it's taken me this long to pick up this gem! Available now.

Olive Kitteridge

Here's another book I'm kicking myself for not having read sooner. Olive Kitteridge, though seemingly unassuming, is one of the best literary novels I've read in a long time. Elizabeth Strout is one of those writers that actually does manage to take a reader's breath away. Available now.

This is Not a Confession

David Olimpio's essay collection is a brutally honest memoir, but also an excavation and examination of the power of memory and its creative potential. To learn more, check out my interview with the author as we discuss everything from unreliable narrators to philosophy to science. Available April 22nd.

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