Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Book Bites!

April is the cruelest month, yes, but it was full of fantastic new reads for me. Here's a tasty few for your reading pleasure....

Far Beyond the Pale
A tough, gritty and heartbreaking tale of a young boy coming of age in a dangerous, and often disturbing, area of Missouri in the 1970s. Daren Dean is a master of voice and his characters bleed authenticity. Check out my interview with the author! Available now.
The Girl Wakes
At times beautiful, at times skin-crawlingly creepy, The Girl Wakes is a collection of modern takes on fairy tales. Carmen Lou pulls no punches as she explores the deeper, darker side, of the little girl lost in the woods. Available now.

The Serpent King
A young adult gem chronicling the senior year of three high school friends in rural Tennessee. Jeff Zentner has heart and my interview with him is almost as insightful and telling as his novel. Available now.

City of Rose
The second installment in the gripping noir series following the conflicted protagonist Ash McKenna. Rob Hart's City of Rose stands on its own, but be sure to check out its predecessor, New Yorked, and read my interview with the author. Available now.

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