Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Great Summer Book Bite!

Okay, so it might not be summer for many of you, but here in Florida, it's summer until January. So this post is technically still very relevant...

In short, the past few months were taken up with writing, writing, writing and although I read quite a bit as well, I neglected the Book Bites feature I'd really been enjoying.

Without further excuses, therefore, I bring you 11 (my new favorite number...) of my recent favorite reads. Cheers!

Lily and the Octopus
by Steven Rowley
(you can read my interview with the author here)
The Price of Salt
by Patricia Highsmith
The Blood of Heaven
by Kent Wascom
by Yaa Gyasi
The Painted Veil
by W. Somerset Maugham
Marrow Island
by Alexis M. Smith
(you can read my interview with the author here)
No Man's Wild Laura
by Beth Gilstrap
(you can read my interview with the author here)
You Will Know Me
by Megan Abbott
In the Lake of the Woods
by Tim O'Brien
Just Kids
by Patti Smith
Maybe Mermaids and Robots are Lonely
by Matthew Fogarty
(you can read my interview with the author here)

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