Saturday, February 3, 2018

Walk in the Fire Review, Unlawful Acts

So many thanks to Jim Thomsen and Unlawful Acts for this amazing, detailed, and smart review of Walk in the Fire. I love (who doesn't?) reviews that delve deep and go for the guts of a novel and Thomsen nails it.

"Walk in the Fire is full of similarly inspired moments, and sumptuously crafted plot threads wrapping themselves around her sumptuously crafted characters like kudzu vines until they, and we, can scarcely breathe. Everything makes sense, and everyone surprises. It represents the intersection of Steph Post’s abundant talent with her growing command of story and character craft. It’s damned close to a perfect novel, and closes by dropping a damned-close-to-perfect cliffhanger in the next chapter in the Sister Tulah-Cannon saga."

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