Saturday, July 21, 2018

Juno-beans and Garden & Gun....

This past Tuesday I had the incredible experience of walking into my local Publix (the only grocery store around here, the only one I ever go to) and seeing the latest edition of Garden & Gun- containing my Good Dog piece on my dogs Vegas and Juno- right at the register. Sometimes things just work out, right? Garden & Gun is one of maybe two magazines I regularly read and to see Juno's story in its pages, available to the world... well, I'm not going to lie and say that it wasn't pretty much a dream come true. Anyone who knows me at all knows how much my dogs mean to me. Hell, every book I've ever written (and most likely ever will) is dedicated to one of them. If you open up Walk in the Fire, you'll see Vegas' name right there, with an allusion to the very same The Little Prince quote referenced in the magazine, which is also a line that I have tattooed on my arm. To say that "Finding Juno" wraps up quite a few important things in my life right now would be an understatement.

Cheers, and Happy Reading.....

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