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"14 Books That Should Be On Your Radar: January 2017" Writer's Bone, January 2017

"10 Authors with Tattoos Inspired by their Own Books" Electric Lit, July 2016

"Interview with Steph Post by Daren Dean" Fiction Southeast- September 2016

"Barrelhouse Television Workshop: True Detective: The Night Finds You" Barrelhouse Magazine- June, 2015

"Barrelhouse Television Workshop: True Detective: The Western Book of the Dead" Barrelhouse Magazine- June, 2015

"A Conversation with Brutal Youth author Anthony Breznican" Writer's Bone, June 2015

"Haunted Playlist: Author Steph Post's 10 Songs Will Drive a Writer Mad" Writer's Bone, May 2015

"Barrelhouse Television Workshop: Mad Men: Person to Person" Barrelhouse Magazine- May 2015

"Review of Amanda Ackerman's The Book of Feral Flora" Small Press Book Review, May 2015

"Barrelhouse Television Workshop: Mad Men, The Milk and Honey Route" Barrelhouse Magazine- May 2015

"Barrelhouse Television Workshop: Mad Men, Lost Horizon" Barrelhouse Magazine- May, 2015

"May the Fourth Be with You: A Conversation with Star Wars Journalist (and Fanboy!) Anthony Breznican" The Inductor from Alternating Current Press- May, 2015

"Review of Madeline ffitch's Valparaiso, Round the Horn" Small Press Book Review, April 2015

"Zombies Don't Care About Your Gender: The Badass Women of The Walking Dead" (article) The Spark from Alternating Current Press- March, 2015

"Review of Brooke Wendts' Allure of the Selfie" Small Press Book Review, March 2015

"The Badass Chronicles: The Essential David Joy: A List" Revolution John Magazine February 2015

"The Badass Chronicles Number Two: Natalie Harnett, an Author who Gets her Hands Dirty" Revolution John Magazine January 2015

"The Badass Chronicles" Revolution John Magazine December 2014

"Author Spotlight no. 387- Steph Post" Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog, November 2014

"Writing Under Fire" Read Her Like an Open Book, November 2014

"Review: Where Alligators Sleep, by Sheldon Lee Compton" Heavy Feather Review, October 2014

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