Fiction and Poetry

Published Short Stories and Poetry...

"Alice/Ecila" Nonbinary Review- September, 2016

"Mercury's in Retrograde or Quit Blaming a Fucking Planet When You Can't Get Your Shit Together" The Underpass- June, 2016

*Nominated for a Pushcart Prize* "The Pallid Mask" Nonbinary Review- November, 2015

"5+20 Female Short Story Writers You Should Be Reading Right Now" Entropy Magazine (Excerpt from "The Blue Diamond")- September, 2015

"The Pallid Mask" Nonbinary Review (The King in Yellow Collection)- June, 2015

"Champ" Vending Machine Press- June, 2015

"The Birthday Orange" Kentucky Review- May, 2015

"Pinpricks" Foliate Oak- April, 2015

"Nixed" The Gambler- March, 2015

"The Blue Diamond" Stephen King's Contemporary Classics: Reflections on the Modern Master of Horror- November, 2014

"Promise Me" The Round Up Writer's Zine-Flasher Edition- November, 2014

"A Heart of Bone" From the Depths from Haunted Waters Press- June, 2014

"Never Enough" Flash Points Critique on Flash!Friday- June 2014

6-word Stories on Flash Friday- June, 2014

"Ain't That Something" Flash!Friday winner- May, 2014

"The Blue Diamond" in Go Read Your Lunch from Alternating Current Press- July, 2013

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