Friday, January 18, 2019

Book News Vol. 3

With Miraculum out next Tuesday, this week's Book News is going to be a bit... Miraculum-heavy. I so appreciate everyone who has taken the time to review the novel and put up with me in interviews. Books only thrive when readers support them and I'm so, so grateful for all the support I've received.

Walk in the Fire News:

First of all, though, I'd like to announce that Walk in the Fire, the second novel in my Judah Cannon series is now available in paperback! Pick up your copy today.....

 "Walk In The Fire is going to put Steph Post on the map.” ―Michael Connelly 

Miraculum News:

This week's Book Shot comes from Erica Wright (a brilliant poet and crime writer and, oh yeah, she's currently writing a book about snakes- right up my alley!).

Patricia Austin Becker and Clea Simon both posted reviews of Miraculum up on their blogs this week.

The fantastic Tabitha Blakenbiller was kind enough to interview me over at The Rumpus this week. The Rumpus also shared that the next Letter in the Mail will be by me! Please subscribe and write me back. :)

Deep South Magazine named Miraculum one of it's 10 Picks for the New Year.

Writer's Bone included Miraculum on its list of 21 Books that Should be on Your Radar for January.

And don't forget- I'm heading to NYC next week! If you're in the area and can make it, I'd love to see you at one of my two events (or hey, how about both?):

With Rob Hart at The Mysterious Bookshop on 1/23

With Alex Segura at Kew & Willow Books on 1/25

I'll also be celebrating Miraculum's release in Tampa:

With Jeffery Hess and Arin Greenwood at Inkwood Books on 1/27

Whew, and finally:

#currentlyreading: Those Who Knew by Idra Novey 
#lookingforwardto The Weight of a Piano by Chris Cander (out next week!)

Author Spotlight feature coming soon....

See You Next Week!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Book News Vol 2.

I'm still working to put together the new format for my author spotlight series (to replace Book Bites), but here's a few book-news-worthy shout outs for the week. Btw, if you have suggestions for what you'd like to see in a new author series, feel free to share! I'm open to new ideas....

Book News:

I'm currently reading Eric Beetner's latest- All the Way Down, which, as expected, does not disapointed. Beetner is one of the most consistent thriller writers working today. Without ever becoming predictable or mundane, his books deliver Every Single Time. All the Way Down just hit shelves this past week. I'd get it while it's hot!

And because I never read just one book at once, I'm also working on....

All Systems Red by Martha Wells
Daemon Voices: On Stories and Storytelling by Philip Pullman

and I'm finishing up Arin Greenwood's Your Robot Dog Will Die.

Arin, Jeffery Hess and I will be reading together at Inkwood Books in Tampa on January 27th (4pm- Sunday Funday!) to celebrate the release of Miraculum. Please come out- Arin and Jeff are fabulous and this should definitely be a fun time.

More Event News:

Also, if you're in the NYC area, I'm heading your way in ten days! I'll be launching Miraculum at The Mysterious Bookshop with Rob Hart (also launching his killer collection: Take-Out: And Other Tales of Culinary Crime) on January 23rd and with Alex Segura (of the Pete Fernandez series fame- with Miami Midnight dropping this summer!) at Kew & Willow Books on January 25th. This will be my first foray into the Big Apple. At least come out and heckle me. I'll be the one complaining about how cold it is...

Miraculum News!:

Many thanks to Lauren who sent in this stunning book photo. (Have I mentioned yet how much I love cool book photos?)

Miraculum was listed as one of CrimeReads Most Anticipated Crime Books of 2019 Woo-hoo!

And The Rumpus was kind enough to let me put together a dreamy, carnival reading list: What to Read When the Carnival is Calling to You.

Oh, and then there's the news that Miraculum is already going in for its 2nd Printing! To everyone who has pre-ordered the book and supported it (especially booksellers and early reviewers) so many thanks! Really and truly!

Thanks for tuning in- see you next week!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Miraculum Events!

As usual, I've been procrastinating... (dogs, chickens, art, the garden, the new book, always the new book), but for all those interested- here's where I'll be for Miraculum's release (and a few places later on). If you're in the area, please come out! I'd love to see/meet you. :)

Author Showcase Series
Palm Harbor, East Lake Community Library
4/16/19 6:30pm

Friday, January 4, 2019

Book News Vol. 1

So, it's 2019 and I'm spicing things up again. Though I loved the Book Bites interview series I ran every week last year, I'm discontinuing it and instead will be running a monthly 'Author Spotlight' series to showcase new authors and their books. I'm also going to consolidate all of my own book news, musings, favorite reads, etc. into one weekly (hopefully Friday) post. Here we go....

Book News!

Miraculum is out in three weeks. Okay, technically two and half. 18 days if we're really counting. I'm so thrilled for all the buzz it's been garnering, and so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read early copies, post reviews and devote time and energy to promoting my book. Some highlights this week:

Miraculum made two lists! Many thanks to The Rumpus and CrimeReads for including Miraculum on their January book lists. It's an honor to be in such stellar company and since I love both of these lit mags/sites so much, the inclusion is doubly sweet.

Also, it was announced that Miraculum has been chosen as one of SIBA's 2019 Winter Okra Picks! I'm not going to lie, this an honor I've long coveted, especially as so many of my favorite authors and author friends have appeared on this list. To join those ranks has been the highlight of my Miraculum journey so far.

And finally, in other Miraculum news- several readers have shared their early reviews and I want to highlight them, as there's nothing like a true, honest reader review. I geek out about so many things and to see that excitement being generated by my own book, well, that just takes the cake...

Review of Miraculum at Roots & Reads

Instagram review (can it get any cooler?) from Georgiana. Here's a snippet:

"This book was just what I needed, with the right amount of dark. Meet the people of the Spectacular Star Light Miraculum and outside of it, behind the glamour and theatrics, let them enchant you with their life stories."
Georgiana also posted the gorgeous book pic of Miraculum in a terrarium at the top of the page. And you know how much I love book photos. Just wait for the #miraculumdogs to start.... If you already have a copy of Miraculum, start taking pics and send me one so I can share it with the world!

In other news, I posted my 2019 Winter/Spring Book Preview list earlier this week. There are so many books I'm looking forward to devouring over the next 6 months!

And to wrap things up, I'm currently reading Arin Greenwood's Your Robot Dog Will Die and it's fabulous. Arin and Jeff Hess will be reading with me later this month at Inkwood Books (more info to come). 

That's all for now!

Miraculum Makes The Rumpus List!

Many thanks to The Rumpus for including Miraculum on it's "What to Read When 2019 Is Just Around the Corner" List!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Great 2019 Winter/Spring Book Preview of Power!

Hi all- if you hadn't noticed, I have a book coming out this January (Miraculum, 1/22, you might have heard of it....) To celebrate in the best way possible, I'm putting out my Book Preview early. (okay, just slightly early) Here are the books I'm most looking forward to, January-June, along with lots of suggestions and contributions from fellow readers and friends. So many books! So much awesomeness! For the Honor of Greyskull! (or something.... ;)








Katherine Arden, THE WINTER OF THE WITCH (January) 
Angie Thomas, ON THE COME UP (January) 
Samanta Schweblin, MOUTHFUL OF BIRDS (January) 
Dana King, TEN-SEVEN (January) 
Adam Van Winkle, WHILE THEY WERE IN THE FIELD (January) 
Mike McCrary, HARD HEARTS (February) 
Don Winslow, THE BORDER (February) 
Carlene O'Conner MURDER IN AN IRISH PUB (February) 
Jordan A. Rothacker, GRISTLE: WEIRD TALES (March)
Josh Denslow, NOT EVERYONE IS SPECIAL (March) 
Paul Crenshaw, THIS ONE WILL HURT YOU (March) 
Claire Booth, A DEADLY TURN (March) 
Terrence McCauley, DARK TERRITORY (March) 
Laura K. Denton, GLORY ROAD (March) 
George Singleton, STAFF PICKS (March) 
Bret Easton Ellis, WHITE (April)
Michele Filgate (Ed.), WHAT MY MOTHER AND I DON'T TALK ABOUT (April) 
Kali Fajarado-Anstine, SABRINA AND CORINA (April) 
Wendy J. Fox IF THE ICE HAD HELD (May) 
Pam Jones, IVY DAY (June) 
Kristen Arnett, MOSTLY DEAD THINGS (June)