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"The Difficult Art of Ending a Crime Fiction Series" CrimeReads Feb. 2020

"Tips for Making it Work" LitReactor Jan. 2020

"How it Happened" The Thrill Begins Dec. 2019

"Fairy Tales are Just Hard-Boiled Crime Stories" CrimeReads May 2019

"The Greatest Sideshow Cons and Gaffs Imagined" CrimeReads March 2019

"13 Novels Set in the World of Myth" LitReactor March 2019

"Sideshows and Circuses" LitHub Feb. 2019

"Finding Juno" Garden&Gun August 2018

"Grit Lit" CrimeReads May 2018

"The Star Thief" Nonbinary Review March 2018

"Surviving a Book Tour" LitReactor March 2017

*Nominated for a Rhysling Award* "Alice/Ecila" Nonbinary Review- September, 2016

"Mercury's in Retrograde or Quit Blaming a Fucking Planet When You Can't Get Your Shit Together" The Underpass- June, 2016

*Nominated for a Pushcart Prize* "The Pallid Mask" Nonbinary Review- November, 2015

"Champ" Vending Machine Press- June, 2015

"The Birthday Orange" Kentucky Review- May, 2015

"Pinpricks" Foliate Oak- April, 2015

"Nixed" The Gambler- March, 2015

"The Blue Diamond" Stephen King's Contemporary Classics: Reflections on the Modern Master of Horror- November, 2014

"Promise Me" The Round Up Writer's Zine-Flasher Edition- November, 2014

"A Heart of Bone" From the Depths from Haunted Waters Press- June, 2014

"Never Enough" Flash Points Critique on Flash!Friday- June 2014

"Ain't That Something" Flash!Friday winner- May, 2014

"The Blue Diamond" in Go Read Your Lunch from Alternating Current Press- July, 2013

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